Wool winter insoles (breathable technology)
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Wool winter insoles (breathable technology)

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60-day wear and tear test

Each product undergoes a thorough 60-day wear test. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

"Outside takes care of us inside"


Grönanda is here to take you out there...

...Into the middle, where you might hear something you've never heard before. We are committed to leading the journey towards a sustainable outdoor lifestyle.
"We are dehydrated food, straps and buckles, memorable adventure types. We are the ones who breathe hard, road trip, camp, embrace a cup of hot chocolate. The ones who just want to get out in the open. In any way possible."

When the feet are free, the soul and head are free.

Grönanda's humanely designed shoes are the best way to return to a position of mental freedom, reduce depression and think positively.

Over 73,000 shoes were sold last year