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Maverick® | Non-slip Barefoot Summer Shoes

A Free-moving city shoe with any-weather outdoor features.

  • Extreme Traction for Extreme Terrains.
  • Anatomical Shape + Wide Toe Box.
  • Zero Drop Angle for Stronger Feet.
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The barefoot summer shoes that all nature lovers desire!

  • Superior orthopedic insoles with cushioning support.
  • Durable lightweight, 100% vegan construction for any occasion: office to outback.
  • Anti-slip and anti-fall outsole.
  • Stretchy, breathable fabric upper that conforms to the shape of the foot for a pressure-free fit.
  • Adjustable strap on the upper.
  • Soft, padded fabric interior increases comfort and eliminates irritation.
  • Wide toe box for maximum comfort during summer walks.
  • Anti-sweat vents: make the sole breathable.
  • Dual Grip System: allows for maximum grip on both rocky surfaces and in wet environments.


Stretchy uppers with elastic laces make our barefoot shoes a perfect fit for every foot. Breathable uppers keep you dry and worry-free during exercise.


The zero-drop rubber sole is designed for maximum flexibility. It simulates a real barefoot situation, ensuring ankle stability and distributing power evenly to work every muscle.

Size chart

  • If you have Wide/Swollen feet, we recommend that you take 1 size up.
  • Important: if you can't find the Half size, take the Larger size. Example: Do you usually wear a size UK 7? Take size UK 7.5
  • Note: The length of the outsole is usually about 7-10 mm longer than the length of your foot. In the table you will find both the length of the outsole of the shoe and the length your foot should be.
UK Size EU Size Outsole length (cm)
Applicable Foot length (cm) Toe width (cm)
2 35 23.2
22.3 9.5
3 36
22.8 9.5
4 37
23.5 10
5 38
24.2 10
6 39
24.8 10.5
6.5 40 26.5 25.5 10.5
7.5 41 27.2 26.2 11
8 42 27.8 26.8 11
9 43 28.5 27.5 11
9.5 44 29.1 28.1 11.5
10.5 45 29.8 28.8 11.5
11.5 46 30.5 29.5 11.5
12.5 47 31.1 30.1 12


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Feel the Power of Superhuman Feet

We have dedicated years to the quest for natural and healthy mobility through Feet-first design. Our shoes are wide but with an anatomical design, they are slim but with an unconventional grip.

No more slipping and sliding. Keeping feet firmly rooted on soft, wet and muddy terrain.

They will reconnect and understand everything going on around them and feel more in tune than ever before!

Give your toes the freedom they desperately need to develop in their natural position and stay healthy.

Grönanda shoes completely and naturally cushion the strain that normal shoes would put on the entire leg chain, from foot to leg and spine.

With these amazing barefoot shoes, your feet will be more comfortable than ever.

The perfect alignment between the Heel, Arch and Toes allows an equal distribution of external pressures. Your foot will be stronger than ever.

They are made of flexible and soft materials to give your foot an unrestricted range of motion, so that the shoe does not hinder you, which is important for your gait and for walking many kilometers.

Experienced hikers emphasize the importance of foot ventilation and recommend wearing breathable shoes even in everyday life.

Therefore, we use stable, air-permeable materials of the highest quality and durability. Grönanda shoes are made of synthetic fibers, specifically 92% polyester and 8% elastane, which are mostly derived from recycling processes. The soles are made of thermoplastic synthetic material (TPU).

Please note: in order to offer the most natural feel possible, our shoes have an upper made of a thin material that allows them to be worn easily in and around water. These shoes are waterproof but not water repellent.


Our feet often wear waterproof shoes for all weather conditions. But this also means that our feet cannot breathe. The feet start to sweat and heat and moisture condenses, so the feet are not ventilated.

Shoes are therefore not fully water-resistant because the foot climate must remain natural and there must be air permeability.

"Outside takes care of us inside"

Grönanda is here to take you out there...
...Into the middle, where you might hear something you've never heard before. We are committed to leading the journey towards a sustainable outdoor lifestyle.

The adventure is waiting for you

Climbing, hiking, forest walks, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking. These are the sports we love. Let our shoes guide you in your favorite sports and hobbies.

Over 73,000 shoes were sold this year